An action variant of MauMau!

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MauMau action!

SchweineMauMau is a variant of the well known MauMau, but full of action. You were always the one drawing lots of cards? With SchweineMauMau your luck returns. Exchange your hand cards with those of your opponents. Or let all your opponents draw cards at once. But beware! Your opponets might change the playing direction and return the pernicious deed which was intended for them. Lots of new rules! No card without function!


SchweineMauMau lets the sow grunt! :o) Try it out! Now!

Game features:

  • simple game handling
  • immediate fun
  • simple installation
  • Highscore
  • 3 computer opponents

Runs on Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista!


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Simply send an E-Mail containing your name and location to:

You will then receive a german bank account or PayPal account by E-Mail (we prefer PayPal payments, no credit card usage please). After receiving 5 Euro (or 6 US$) we will send you your personal registration key by E-Mail. Please allow 7-10 days for bank transfer handling. By entering this exact registration key in the registration dialog, the shareware restrictions are completely removed.



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Shareware = Fairware

Shareware is fair to the customer: No one buys a "pig in a poke"! You may evaluate Shareware for a certain time (defined by the author) and find out, if the software suits your personal needs and wishes, before you buy the full version. Shareware demands fairness by the customer: If you want to use the software after the evaluation period, you have to register: you pay a so called registration fee to the author (or to an authorized company) and gain the right to use the software furthermore. When registering you often get special offers on cheaper or even free updates.
In other words:

Shareware is evaluate-before-you-buy-software!

What is Shareware?

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